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41, male, Single

Mall Road, India

I am a music teacher at performing artist society in kolkata. I provide training in synthesizer, harmonica, flute , spanish guitar, hawaian guitar. I teach reiki and other reiki courses like crystal reiki, self hypnosis, emotional empowerment, money reiki, karuna reiki at institute of performing art and mind power development. I provide training in music therapy at IPAMPD. I am a teacher in anthropology , hospital administration, spoken english and french language at institute of performing art and mind power development in kolkata. I offer online and distance learning training also.

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25, male, Single

Blahodatne, Ukraine

Looking for a nice girl. Want to find love here. Write me please.I am from Ukraine but I can travel abroad everywhere. I am 19.

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38, male, Married

Nadakavu, India

Searching for like minded females for hanging out and casual dating I am quite open about race, colour, age, body type of the intended partner... all i am looking for is an open minded person to share few moments together...

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29, female, Single

Putyvl', Ukraine

I am anastasiia from Ukraine and interested in relition with men who will care for me and also love me.

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50, male, Divorced

Nassau, United States

m in search of a muslim woman who will love allah ( swt ) first and than me for his sake. I want a muslimah who plays the part of a muslim and not just dress the part. I want a muslimah who wont get caught up in social media flirting with men on facebook for attention and going out to meet them for fun every other day because they whisper sweet nothings in your ear. I want a muslimah who doesnt think she's falling in love with every man she has met online after sleeping with them the first time they meet. I want a muslimah who wont wake up one morning after ten years of marriage to tell me she's no longer in love with me nor does she love me or ever loved me and that she just settled for me because she felt sorry for me. I want a muslimah who will not wake up one morning to tell me she doesnt want to be a muslim as well as a mother or wife any more and leaves me with three small children to take care of causing me to quit my job to do so. but tells me the only way she'll stay is if I agree to an open relationship. I truly want a muslimah

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