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34, female, Single

Gilberton, United States

im mostly a bedroom artist (ironic saying that on a dating website). i have a pretty wide range of interests & im pretty critical about it sometimes. its crossed my mind more than once to go into ethnomusicology, although i ended up with an american studies degree from a liberal arts college focusing on peoples histories using intersectional/anti-colonial lenses. push comes to shove im a pretty simple creature with a day job at a bar/venue that i like in a small town. ive done a lot of things and been a lot of people and a lot of places around the western u.s. but lately ive been settling into being stable and having my shit together for the long term. ive a soft spot for folk punk and other DIY songwriter stuff. anywhich way, i suppose im just bored and seeing what connections i can make to other cool queerdos on here or something.

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25, male, Single

Harbeson, United States

Hey! I'm new to this dating online. I've been focused on getting my associates and am now ready to focus on a relationship. I'm lookin for a caring, funny, smart and outgoing girl who can go out and chill and kick back in the house. My definitely not finished with my education as I'm pursuing nursing and want to establish the best situation for myself and whoever comes into my life.

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62, male, Widowed

Sagamore, United States

How do I know who my perfect match could be? I like many virtues in people. Someone who is open like me, wants to try new things. Spontaneity would be a key factor. I like to be romantic and touchy in public, I want everyone to know that the person on my arm is the greatest person in the world and my best friend and possibly lover. Of course the two go hand in hand. Also, there is nothing like having little things done for you without asking, and this is reciprocal. Must also be disease free and no drugs allowed! I want the people around me to be uplifting and try to find the positives in people and life in general. There are always enough negatives in the work environment, and that is where they need to stay. I give everyone the benefit of having a Cup Half Full" from the start. I get asked, Are you a Boob man or a Butt man, honestly I'm a big smile and sparky eyed man. If you have those two features, you'll grab my attention fast. The other two are nice to have too Fun, nice, romantic, active, intelligent guy with no baggage looking for great girl for a fun and romantic loving relationship with lots of travel and great adventures Prepare to smile, laugh and be spoiled I am looking for someone special to share great times and adventures with, to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with and to explore, create and to make great memories with.

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31, male, Single

Saint Louis, United States

Hi my name is Adam, I am currently employed through the local roofers Union. I love football, hunting, and hanging out with family and friends having a few beers. My music interest is vast hard rock, 2000s and older rap, and country.Movies/TV I like breaking bad, GOT, Walking dead, Family Guy, any James Wan movie, and a lot more.Can't think of anything else at the moment, if you have any questions feel free to ask I'm pretty open

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29, female, Single

Flint, United States

Hey guys!So, I am here looking for a committed relationship. I'm at a time in my life where I don't want to play games anymore. I want to lay my cards on the table, find someone compatible and that I can fall in love with and share my life with. I'm really excited about this. Of course, friends are great, so feel free to hit me up as a friend as well. But a relationship is my ideal goal. So a few things about me: I am really artsy. I love acting and am looking to get involved in more productions. Drawing, photography, violin, singing and dancing are also a few of my favorite hobbies. My personality seems simple on the surface, but is surprisingly complex, filled with many layers. I am, for the most part, sweet in nature and I genuinely care about people. I am considered "shy", but consider myself more reserved than shy in nature. However, once I get to know you, you will see I have an artistic and passionate personality filled with dreams and ideals that are the foundations of my spirit. I love helping others, chasing my dreams, travel, adventure and anything out of the ordinary or routine. I am an introvert, so parties for the most part aren't my thing. If you read all of this, and am intrigued, want to know more, or feel we would be a good fit, please message me! If not, that's ok too. Good luck on your journeys, everyone!

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