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Lozuvatka, Ukraine

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30, male, Single

Corak, Tunisia

hey guys... im here for dating and searching for girl who i can pass my life with here and i need just honestly and respect so better read my description good and read it again if you didnt like it

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52, male, Married

Yadgarpalli, India


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45, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

Hi friend,How are you today? I feel like communicating with you, my name is Susan helms single marital status, it is my pleasure with due respect to cultivate a healthy friendship with you. I have great interest in making new friends, my hobbies are reading, traveling, swimming and dancing.I'll send my photo at least for you to see who is writing to you. I like you to contact me back, so I'll give you a full explanation about myself, and reasons and purposes that contacted you.Feel free to write me backYours Sincerely,Susan.

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32, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

am a lady here in this new site than by looking for good lovely man...

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39, female, Single

Richmond, United States

I have been working with my head down for years now. I'v been so tied up with being an awesome mother that nothing else really mattered to me. Now my kids have their own things going on and I find myself wanting someone to spend my free time with. I'm drama free and would like a man who is as well. If there's anything else you would like to know please just ask!

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Novopskov, Ukraine

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Salashka, Ukraine

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Trostianytsia, Ukraine

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Popasna, Ukraine

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Novopskov, Ukraine

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Pryvilne, Ukraine

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Il'kivtsi, Ukraine

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Zavyshen', Ukraine

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Dzerzhyns'k, Ukraine

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Blahodatne, Ukraine

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Dekabristiv, Ukraine

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Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

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Poltava, Ukraine

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Karaina, Ukraine

Dating Prospect lover32

Krolevets', Ukraine

Dating Prospect ann1998

Krolevets', Ukraine


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