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49, female, Divorced

Washington, United States

I am who I am. Nothing more, nothing less. What you see is what you get. I’m a very down to earth person who likes to be treated the way I treat others. In a respectful, open, honest way..what else would you like to know mmmm I love to kiss and cuddle and touch. I give outstanding massages I love to cook and spoil my man.I like a man who is honest, sincere, and who pays a real interest in his conversation partner. I HATE insincerity and most of all I HATE a partner who’s only interest is in himself. You have to give some attention to get some attention....I would love to meet and want the man that I'm with to not be ashamed of me pawing over him and kissing him in public, holding his hand, hugging him... He has to be giving... not yet givingI am a caring person and would expect my man to be the same.I don't enjoy dating around which makes this arena of meeting people difficult. When I find someone special, I am extremely passionate, open and honest. I'm a very touchy, freely kind of woman......... I want a trusting loving relationship where I can express my affection openly and very freely...I want the man I'm with to feel how special he is to me every day.I'm looking for a relationship based on interest, respect, complicity and love of course,want a caring relationship, loving, understanding and surprising I want to be cherished, adored, doted on and want to give the same. I'm like a kid at heart. I'm spontaneous, laugh always, smile a lot mostly.........Mostly. I want someone who can't keep their mind off of me when they are away, and can't keep their hands off of me when they are near I've found, that with most people, I'm too honest. If that's possible. Seems like I'm supposed to be coy or play hard to get or something. I just don't have the time and energy to be anything but myself. You know?.....I'm very honest about my feelings and therefore open to being taken advantage of. Hence, I don't waste kisses, nor kiss a lot of frogs in m

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42, male, Single

Scharnstein, Austria

I am from Turkey, i live alone in the capital city of Turkey (Istanbul)I worked with Oyal Chocolate some years ago, but now, i am doing my own online business marketing and also offline business opportunity. I am ready to relocate to meet my dearest wife or lover anytime that she wishes.Some people on this site who hope to find a soulmate, to feel mutual chemistry and happy, to find a special person who will make heart to beat faster.Love Do not cost anything but it pays to be yourself. I joined this site with open heart and pure intentions, being honest and sincere I have no desire to play any games - I am here to find a woman for happy family life and I believe that the future has much in store for me and my future partner. I am so eager to bring harmony, bright colors into the life of my future beloved woman, make love flourish and build the special bond between us that will never be broken. Being very affectionate, understanding, gentle, generous and loyal. I am eager to devote all of myself to my only woman as the happiness which will start to live inside my soul will be due to her, and her alone.

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70, male, Single

Raleigh, United States

m a man of good gesture very loving and caring... m new online it was my friend thatintroduce me to come over and meet responsible lady online

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39, male, Single

Oued es Salem, Algeria

I love Russian girls I love Latvian and moldovian girlsI love ukrainian and belarus girls

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43, male, Single

Coleraine, United States

I love creating music. My time is now seeking to expand my online record label by collaborating. i am a fun,loving,caring kind of guy with a sense of humor. Dark sense of humor.

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