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Nikovici, Moldova

I am from Jordan, but I have a Ukrainian passport. I live in Odessa, and the Sultanate of Oman, near Dubai, before that I worked in the diplomatic mission for 15 years, and my behavior is different from the others. Я из Иордании, но у меня есть украинский паспорт. Я живу в Одессе, и в Султанат Оман, рядом Дубае, до этого я работал в дипломатической миссии в течение 15 лет, и поэтому мое поведение отличается от других. Вкратце, если Вы ищете надежного, достойному, ответственный, честный мужа? Пожалуйста, дайте мне знать, как и когда мы можем встретиться? если вы готовы к этому? пожалуйста, пришлите ваш мобильный номер.In short, if you are looking for a reliable, decent, responsible, honest man? Please let me know how and when can we meet? if you're ready for this? Please send your mobile number.

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61, male, Single

Panaytayon, Philippines

Lonely professional Asian guy searching for Ukrainian Beauty.

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27, female, Single

Galatista, Greece

It really s I can't skip this part, so now I have to write some stuff for no reason. Well what can I say? I love sports especially football, basketball and tennis, photography and arts and crafts. I am a college student, about to finish next year finally. I love coffee, junk food at times and I am a vegetarian. I am a Christian, not a church person but neither a person that would date someone who's not a Christian.. Too much prejudice right? Anyways I hope I have met this 100 word limit thing..

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25, male, Single

Hialeah, United States

I like to play online games in my free time which i sadly have an unhealthy amount of free time.......I love having long deep conversations with people but it seems that so many people don't like when you open up to seems that a lot of people just are too scared to hear your life stories it does make me sad. Depression has made me lose alot of friends and i think of suicide almost on a daily basis it's fairly hard to live with myself. I got on here today because i wanna meet someone like me, it doesen't have to be something big at first if you don't want it to be. I wanna meet someone who i can really tell my feelings to. Im a emotional person and i know EXACTLY how it feels to be stuck in a rut you feel like you'll never get out of. But for me personally i don't got alot of hobbies im fairly introverted depression and anxiety attacks cause me just to either sleep or sit in bed and think all day..............I smoke weed also to relieve stress but i've never seen a Therapist or taken depression meds. If you really care to know any of my other interests though you can just ask me it will create nice conversation anyways.

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56, male, Divorced

Brisbane City, Australia

Am not a perfect dude , so am not going to say what I am not about my self , am just a simple fun loving dude, love spending time with friends , charting , playing and listening to music, I love going for shopping , enjoy travelling , like playing with my dogs travelling is part of me , I like going for outing, love doing evening shopping with my dog , I am the romantic type and that makes me emotional , I love spending time with love one , am here for a date in search for serious relationship , and am sure with time I may find that right and perfect one for my hear

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