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Blahodatne, Ukraine

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Karaina, Ukraine

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Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovsk oblast, Dnipropetrovsk misto, Ukraine

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Trostianytsia, Ukraine

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Mykhailivka, Ukraine

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Korolivka, Ukraine

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35, female, Single

Bukovynka, Ukraine

am a Single well educated Ukraine lady with no kids,living and working in UkraineI work in a beauty salon,I like my Job.Am loving,caring,kind,honest and romantic lady with a big heart.I am also a disciplined personality that believe in honesty.i like travelling,music,swimming,i also like good food and good wine

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52, male, It's Complicated

Brookneal, United States

Im Darlington, 43, single dad with a lovely son of 8 year old..I love travelling when the need arises and Im a Gentleman with a high sense of Humor..I love reading book and cooking as well as chatting during my free time..

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42, male, Single

Boston, United Kingdom

BEFORE YOU BEGIN READING MY PROFILE, I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW THAT, I AM AN AVERAGE MAN, WITH AN AVERAGE LOOK, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PERFECT MAN, WITH PERFECT LOOKS, WITH NO IMPERFECTIONS THEN, I AM NOT WHAT YOU SEEK.MY INTENTION IS NOBLE, AND I AM NOT HERE TO BE UNFAIR ON WOMEN, AND I AM NOT JUDGING, AS I WOULD HAVE TO JUDGE MYSELF FIRST.I AM LOOKING FOR A WOMAN THAT WILL TREAT ME THE SAME WAY SHE WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED.I MAY SOUND HARSH ON WHAT I AM SAYING BUT, PEOPLE TEND TO BE CHOOSY, AND THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE, I DO NOT CONDEMN THAT, AT ALLIF EVERY SINGLE PERSON GOES FOR THE LOOKS, THEN, WHAT ABOUT FEELINGS? AREN'T THEY IMPORTANT AS WELL?ONCE AGAIN, I APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT I SAID, I AM HONEST, AND I HATE LYING OR PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE I AM NOT.I am an outgoing, happy-go-lucky individual, who enjoys life, traveling, going out with my friends, watching a good movie, as well as, having a great time with my family.I may not be every women's cup of tea, but, at least, it is worth try and see what this site has to offer.I am just a simple individual with a purpose, be happy and make my other half feel the same way, make her feel wanted, loved, cared for, make her feel that, she is being loved for what she is, and respected.I go for, Personality, character, rather than, appearance, as appearance itself, does not take us anywhere.We have to embrace people for who they are, and for what they stand for, as i said, i may not be that good looking, but, i am being me, i am being real, and being real is what it counts.i am just an individual, like many others around the world, who is trying to make the most of what life is offering, making a success out of myself, grow, I'm looking for love.A girl who is simple, honest, loyal, has a smile on her face, who leads life as an apprentice, who is responsible, in charge of her life, a woman with principles, a woman who wants to fight to obtain her dreams and make them, her great conquest

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32, female, Single

Keysville, United States

My name is jerniffer,i am 32 years Old,I am Single (five years ago), Black, dark black hair, brown eyes, 5' 9", 141 lbs.,Long Hair and a healthy Lady. I am self-sufficient, Beautiful, happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware, emotionally and financially secure. and working as a Waiter In a Local Restaurant,am Living with my Mom and Dad in a Logging house,i am a Ghanaian By Birth,my Father is a Ghanaian and my mother is From Australia..i have been In Ghana all My life i am a Hard working lady and very friendly.i have no Kids and Never Married.. i Will Be Graduating Next Month and i am Studding Catering(Vocational Skills) .. i Cook Very Well Because that is My

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40, male, Single

Bayside, United States

My name's Sergey, I was born in Ukraine but have mostly lived in New York and Seattle. Recently I finished medical school and I'm currently waiting to start my residency. In my spare time I enjoy catching up on the world events and as well as music, traveling, and sports such as tennis and skiing. I'd like to meet someone who is down to earth, caring, passionate, and likes children and animals.

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Novopskov, Ukraine

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Kharkiv, Ukraine

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Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk misto, Ukraine

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Novopskov, Ukraine

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Bilyi Bereh, Ukraine

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Salashka, Ukraine

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Budylivka, Ukraine

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Stakhanov, Ukraine

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Kolodiazhne, Ukraine

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Vynomynivka, Ukraine

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Krolevets', Ukraine

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Novopskov, Ukraine

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Zhydachiv, Ukraine

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Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

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Andriivka, Kiev oblast, Myronivskyi raion, Ukraine

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Zarichchia, Ukraine


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