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Pidmonastyrok, Ukraine

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Pryvilne, Ukraine

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Spasivka, Ukraine

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Dzerzhyns'k, Ukraine

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Vynomynivka, Ukraine

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Rai-Oleksandrivka, Ukraine

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Burlacha Balka, Ukraine

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Novopskov, Ukraine

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30, male, Single

Vanier, Canada

My ideal match is to marry an Arab girl as i am single here in canada alone origin from Algeria. My parents are telling me to get married. They told me to look for the girl by myself. I am willing to invest in the girl and take her to Canada and possible marriage.

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42, female, Single

Oakwood, United States

My name is Evelyn by name and am single female with my grad mum never married and have no kids. i am willing to meet the right man who i can spend the rest of my life with him. i am really tired of being lonely and that's why i decided to join this dating stuff and this is my first time. Well i choose to talk to you because i went through your profile and i really do like your profile that's why i choose to talk to you and i will like it a lot if

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35, female, Single

Mizhhiria, Ukraine

I'm an easy-going person and try to enjoy each moment of laugh and have a smile on my face and make all the people around me happy...I'm a gracious,pure and sensitive girl and a real lady...if you are interested to find more about me,just simply ask me.....I think it's necessary for me to open a book of my life and let you read it...Where should I start....I'm 29 years old with a Heart of Gold, I am single never married ,born and raised in ukraine ,obtained my degree in lugansk state university(fashion designing)...I find very much peace and tranquility there....I'm 5 feat 6 inches with a curvy build,mentally stable,physically fit, a bunch of laughs... My dad is from USA while mom is Ukrainian... she was born and brought up in Ukraine....My mom moved up to (TX) in the early 70s to get a better life. She met my dad in the States and they got married. My dad died when i was 19 and my mom took care of me...she need me so bad now,she means a lot to me because she raised me all by herself and the best way she can....I like nature a lot...I like to have picnics on the Nature...I like going out...I like to spend time with my friends...It's so exciting for me to meet New People...And it's not a problem for me to find a common language with any person...even if I see him or her for the 1st time...I like to communicate with all the people around me and it's really hard for me to stay alone...I do not like to be alone for a long time loneliness just drives me crazy...I like to be in society...It's really Great to be a Part of it and not to lose a contact with it..I like poetry and music and art. I believe in smiling--even when things are not going as perfect as you had hoped..... A smile can brighten someone's day--I like smiling--it is one of my trademarks..I love nature, and water and feel an exceptional being to just being near water and having water right near my home. I feel the peace of the world in the breeze across the water and the lapping of the waves......

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50, male, Single

Ottawa, Canada

Am just simple man single , try my best to do what ever i should have do to find important thing in my like , mostly to be happy ,

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54, male, Single

Raleigh, United States

I am a single man no wife no kids no family am all alone,never been married,i love singing and swimming,tennis as well,don't smoke and don't drink

Ukraine Single Girls - Ukrainian Dating

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Novopskov, Ukraine

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Il'kivtsi, Ukraine

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Lozuvatka, Ukraine

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Novopskov, Ukraine

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Sevastopol, Ukraine

Dating Prospect theprofessor

Novopskov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect lerakarp

Dzerzhyns'k, Ukraine

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Pol'ova, Ukraine

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Korzhivka, Ukraine

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Pryvilne, Ukraine

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Zarichchia, Ukraine

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Bukaty, Ukraine

Dating Prospect angelina

Krolevets', Ukraine

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Burlacha Balka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect serg

Salashka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect oxana

Zarichchia, Ukraine


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