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66, male, Separated

Laval, Canada

I am a man of principles who believes in Justice and the creation of a just society for all and especially for our children and our children's children. I am a mature man, confident in his abilities, and who does not refuse any challenge that is important to him. I am also a very hard-working man putting all effort into achieving his goals. Likewise, I am not violent, abusive or jealous because that is the contrary of True Love. My future wife will be always free to do anything for improving her happiness with my full support.I love to take the responsibility of taking care of my loved ones well-being and of their future too. I'm looking for a wonderful woman who could be my soulmate. Ever since I was old enough to love, I have known that when I am in the presence of the woman of my dreams, that the world around us ceases to exist and that a delightful fusion of our two souls merge into each other so that together they become one forever. Like me, she is not afraid of True Love because she knows that only the well-being of each of us can unite us forever I hope, if possible, that my soulmate have already one or two kids and I will love and take care of them as my own.And if that is possible, I would like to settle down in Ukraine with my wife.If you're looking for a very open-minded and respectful man, you've got one now.

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35, female, Single

Appleton, United States

I'm a strong ,smart, independent lady with many goals and lots toacheive in life. The only reason why i registered on the site is thatI am looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage, nomatter what the age.I'm looking for a man who is open minded .I also need a man who willtake good care of me as his loving lady. I am a loyal, devoted andmost of all God fearing lady who's looking for the same man to spendthe rest of my life with. Someone to share personal moments with,enjoy life together and to firmly hold the blessings of a lasting andundying happiness , a man who is smart and one who knows how to treata lady well and most of all a man who fears God and can be trusted. Iam looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage

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37, female, Single

Bare, Monaco

I enjoy getting all dressed up on occasion and going out on the town or fishing and target shooting in the country.I suppose my fantasy man is intelligent, creative, doesn't back down from a challenge, is driven, enjoys physical activity and has a spiritual side. At the moment though, I'd settle for a casual date with someone who has a heartbeat. A sense of humor Looking to meet a nice, fun, witty guy with a great sense of humor, whether we hit it off of just become friends. I enjoy an active life, fun, family/friends, and tennis. I love traveling and trying new things! Ideally I would like to find someone who shares my positive outlook on life, family, and everyday life. Someone who is passionate, intelligent, and who could not only be my lover, but also my best friend. doesn't hurt either.. I'd like to find someone to spend time with and build a relationship. I'm looking for someone who encourages my success and isn't intimidated by it.

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40, male, Single

Bayside, United States

My name's Sergey, I was born in Ukraine but have mostly lived in New York and Seattle. Recently I finished medical school and I'm currently waiting to start my residency. In my spare time I enjoy catching up on the world events and as well as music, traveling, and sports such as tennis and skiing. I'd like to meet someone who is down to earth, caring, passionate, and likes children and animals.

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34, male, Single

M.Fule Market, India

Character:My nick name is Harry because my friend called me that due to Harry Potter Movie My name is Vinayak. I'm Kind, honest So Honest I didn't had any girl friend. Ha Ha. Actually I have seen superficially but closer. When both hearts get broken. So I kept myself always away from her. I was thinking n having faith that there is some really made for me and me too for her. And I've decided that it would be very very plus point for my spouse where my love is devoted only and only for her, no one another ha ha . And she also doesn't has to worried about me. if you still have any dought in mind its interesting that I wanna to say you something my personnel that I have didn't kiss someone nor someone kissed me, ha ha. so this makes me genuine. I’m tanned sometimes too much, due to wandering outside. From ancient days they say that boy/men are darker than girl, & girls are fare. Well even I also admire this so for me she is my sweet beautiful vanilla & for her I’m her handsome chocolate. So we can be a very beautiful & testy vanilla chocolate ice-cream. I have friends. I'm vegetarian. I believe that animals are our friends. Not food and nor resources.Interests:To do new things. I love music so I hear lots of romantic songs, and also adventurous music. Reading, writing. Writing some times a small love poem or small song based on another music. Skettings,cycling. Trekking. Help some one. Wondering. Like to visit beautiful places also around the world.Ideal relationship:In Search of "Find of My Incredible Love" Want to Marry with her only.Type of partner:Honest may be like me. Kind, understanding, Helping nature. Not egoistic nor puffed with pride & nor selfish. Loving, caring, Little bit shyyi type. Passionate. Showing me coyly/coquetry/tantrums in romance. And at the same moment I say to god OMG keep Me Alive bcoz now once again I fall in love with Her. And now Where she is dont know? But assumed i think She is from Russia or Ukraine or may be near by country.

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Karaina, Ukraine

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