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Bilyi Bereh, Ukraine

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35, female, Single

Voschantsi, Ukraine

I'M a single Ukraine lady,living and working in ukraine. I like travelling, music, camping, bowling,swimming,walk, hiking.I enjoy good food and good wine i dont smoke

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31, male, Single

Apex, North Carolina, Wake, United States

I'm really into learning to ride my motorcycle.i make a living working in the service center at Honda, i enjoy cars.i work full time, have a townhouse and a car. im all about personal space, everyone needs alone you can tell, i have a very here and there thought pattern. its fun i think keeps people on their toes. i like to think i am interesting, been told i am. very random and slightly spontaneous. even if im a bit of a homebody. being on this site i have social anxiety, "depression" or rather Cyclothymia. I am a realist and sarcastic and very blunt. im not into lies, im heavy in to honest opinions and the truth and telling things how they are. i have a good sense of humor, i love to tell stories and jokes. there is no middle ground of feelings with me, its content and happy, or upset and mad. that's why im so big into communication. explanations. being real. I'm into the more quiet type of girl, but one who stands up for her self and knows what she needs and wants. someone who can communicate her thoughts and feelings. of course, someone who likes to have fun. go out on occasion. try new things.relationships are definitely part physical, so there is gonna have to be an attraction on both sides.ill be honest. im not into the whole wine and dine a girl thing. been there done that. if we work, we work. its easy to tell if we might get along or not from a quick chat, some phones calls... but very easy for a quick meet up and walk around a park. im not here for flings, im here for a life long friend. partner. things get real quick with me. its just dating sucks. its awkward, expensive and i just never seem to say the right things. well what date do you bring up depression? my biggest problem was having someone to talk to about it. someone who can understand depression. with all the high and low points. some one to be next to through it all. good and bad.i got out of a long term relationship at the start of this year. being up front about it.

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30, female, Single

New Boston, United States

Heya, Thank you for viewing my page on here. A lot of my buddies says this dating site can help me go through.. Don't mind my username on here. I’m a happy person and love to make my partner laugh too.I'm from Atlanta,GA but have plans relocating to either,NJ, NC,TX,MA & MI. I just made this profile to talk to NJ guy.. I'm a lady who's looking for his soulmate, I'm intelligent with a good sense of humour. I think that there is only one love in our life.. I'm a happy lady but not happy with my love life. I'm ready to start a new love life with someone loving.. No Games

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57, male, Widowed

Raleigh, United States

Love is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment. Love is also said to be a virtue representing all of human kindness,compassion, and affection —"the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another".Love may describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one's self or animals.I am Peter Ken but my friends call me Pete, I am here on the site to seek what i have written above and to know that this can happen, we would have to communicate to bring up the essence of what we see.I would like you to send me your contact email or you can send me an email peter_so that we can communicate and get to know each other better.

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43, female, Separated

Lemah Abang, Indonesia

I just simple lady with two lovely daughter,I love my little family,i humble,i love to humor,i join this site might there in half other this planet i can meet my soulmate,seriose relationship,becouse not time for play game anymore,,

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