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Dating Prospect irina

Poltava, Poltava oblast, Poltava misto, Ukraine

Dating Prospect irina

Myrne, Ukraine

Dating Prospect tanyushka

Korolivka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect katya

Zavyshen', Ukraine

Dating Prospect julia

Pol'ova, Ukraine

Dating Prospect yuliia

Dzerzhyns'k, Ukraine

Dating Prospect jemmy

Tovmachyk, Ukraine

Dating Prospect alena

Budylivka, Ukraine

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30, male, Single

Arba Ait Ahmed, Morocco

I like sports like my parents to be a strong men and attractive and girls to joy and feel the time......................,..........................................................................

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52, male, Separated

Lyons, Australia

Hi there I'm interested in meeting girls for dating and friendship and if I meet the right lady a relationship. I am well educated and have A great jo

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42, male, Married

Gowdavalli, India

I am a fan of OSHO and looking to date with girls with similar mind sets

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61, male, Single

Epsom, Norway

Love to travel, skiing, classic cars, and you will find me as the best travelpartner you can get, maybe you also find me both interesting and attractive :)Sometimes I feel like 18 years old, and hope this will last !I am kind, but also wild Viking from North of Europe. Young in mind and soul (and ask me about my body:) You know what the Vikings did? Well, 1000 years ago they travelled and stole the gold and silver and took the most beautiful girls back home :) They were strong and blondeā€¦ I am proud to live in the best country in the world, but I love to see other parts also.Sometimes I am impatient, always want to go further. But I am a good listener also. Like to dine, just hang out, love cities, mountains, beaches, new experiences. Soon going to Indonesia for travel, want to join me?Good life, good economy, good health ! I can travel most parts of the year.Why I want to travel:Travel is part of my life. I have been around, got friends in so many countries, but still so many places to go. Do you come with me?Want to know more? Please contact me..thanks.

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41, male, Single

Uttran, Sweden

Why am i single now? Well thats a good question guess i still tryin to find out since i havent met the right girl yet. So what do i look for in a girl? Humor, honesty, kindness. The one that i hold is worth so much more to me if its both body and mind! Really hard to put words on it since its so much about personality and less about the looks. And who said i had a certain type, arent all females beautiful. Treat me like you want to be treaten and were all good hun! To make you happy and secure that's what's important to me. You dont have to be a model to be with me just be yourself and ill promise you, you are beautiful. I believe in strong independent women with free will. In Sweden where I'm raised we believe in equality and respect between genders.I need no drama!I want to bring out that beutiful girl that i know hides inside all women!(im not interested in your stupid photoshoped studio pictures, mail me your everyday ones instead)Sorry to disapoint you ladies, im far from the best choice here(im not perfect but who is perfect anyways)theres probably a lot of men here thats better choice than me. Im a simpel man and i don't own much.I can understand i appeal to some girls on this site couse of my asian origin. To make a long story short, i was actually adopted from south korea when i was 2 years old :) I'm proud to be asian and if your not ok with it keep looking please!

Ukraina Girls - Ukraina Girls - Ukraina - Ukrainian Dating

Dating Prospect denispoltavets

Novopskov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect ylija

Sevastopol, Ukraine

Dating Prospect blackcutie

Burlacha Balka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect pomik

Ialta, Ukraine

Dating Prospect theprofessor

Novopskov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect yaroslava

Korzhivka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect angelina

Krolevets', Ukraine

Dating Prospect ivan

Horlivka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect dima

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Dating Prospect natali

Novopskov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect laviniala

Rai-Oleksandrivka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect vadimfedok

Novopskov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect alyona17

Karaina, Ukraine

Dating Prospect alexa

Salashka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect loanastasiya943

Abrykosove, Odessa oblast, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi raion, Ukraine

Dating Prospect julie

Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovsk oblast, Dnipropetrovsk misto, Ukraine


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