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54, female, Divorced

Lunao, Philippines

I joined this site with strong determination to find the man of my dreams. I would hate to bore you by telling you how wonderful I am by attaching to my name a bunch of flattering adjectives. I am sure that you have already found this about two hundred times in all the other profiles. I believe that words are cheap, but actions speak much louder, so why bother? So, why not start with a bad stuff –I am a sensitive type of person, I easily cry with small things. I'm not very athletic though always trying to do a little bit more to stay fit. I have little patience for flakes and fake people. They are such a waste of time!I'm relaxed and friendly with a great smile and great sense of humour. I love just hanging out with family and friends over a great meal or going out to see the world and all it has to offer. It is not only a good husband that I am looking for but a good father for my daughter as well.

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52, male, Single

Dhaka Cantonment, Bangladesh

Hi there!!Guess I already answered about my basics as the site asked for! Besides, I am truly looking for someone, who-if not the soulmate but can become a companion to take the journey ahead waits for US!! For me, individual space and freedom is important and the same I value for others too. Basically, an easy-going person who loves LIFE and and to see the globe as much as I can!! I consider myself a person with warm personality, caring and decent who respects others' values as well. Let not illustrate these description any longer rather hold the hands together for creating a TIME fills with beauty of life. So cheers and be my partner!!

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52, male, Divorced

Borehamwood, United Kingdom

Hi, im a singer song writer & have been gigging for over 20 years and now find myself alone after being married for 11 years and two kids, i love to go for walks, love the beach, the new Forest, going to gig's & playing them.I'm medium build 5\8" long curly hair, and will put a picture of myself on the site when I can work it out lol..Plus I can't change my height in edit?I'm very passionate about music & life.

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53, male, Divorced

Saint-Ouen-sur-Maire, France

Hello my name is Patrick je suis français. Je recherche une femme sérieuse sincère. Ouverte de esprit et de coeur

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41, male, Single

Uttran, Sweden

Why am i single now? Well thats a good question guess i still tryin to find out since i havent met the right girl yet. So what do i look for in a girl? Humor, honesty, kindness. The one that i hold is worth so much more to me if its both body and mind! Really hard to put words on it since its so much about personality and less about the looks. And who said i had a certain type, arent all females beautiful. Treat me like you want to be treaten and were all good hun! To make you happy and secure that's what's important to me. You dont have to be a model to be with me just be yourself and ill promise you, you are beautiful. I believe in strong independent women with free will. In Sweden where I'm raised we believe in equality and respect between genders.I need no drama!I want to bring out that beutiful girl that i know hides inside all women!(im not interested in your stupid photoshoped studio pictures, mail me your everyday ones instead)Sorry to disapoint you ladies, im far from the best choice here(im not perfect but who is perfect anyways)theres probably a lot of men here thats better choice than me. Im a simpel man and i don't own much.I can understand i appeal to some girls on this site couse of my asian origin. To make a long story short, i was actually adopted from south korea when i was 2 years old :) I'm proud to be asian and if your not ok with it keep looking please!

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