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Dating Prospect vitalii

Pryvilne, Ukraine

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Karaina, Ukraine

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Korolivka, Ukraine

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Novopskov, Ukraine

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Lozuvatka, Ukraine

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Novopskov, Ukraine

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Popasna, Ukraine

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Stakhanov, Ukraine

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33, female, Single

McGaheysville, United States

am a single lady seeking for the man........

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46, male, Single

Tall al Ward, Iran

I would like to meet a lady for fun and go shopping..... just single women or devorced or widdows... but pls no merraged women!!!

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52, male, Single

Ijana, Nigeria

I am a graduate of Theoretical physics from University of Lagos- Nigeria. I am single and never married searching for a soul mate.I am author of some academic books and Christian books which include :Essential physics, Compact mathematics, the book of life, divine blessings and faith that read more of Christian book from my author's website.My hobbies include: traveling. reading, meeting new people, researching, shopping, listening to music/news, watching movies/films/plays, adventures and lots more. if you are interested in me, you are feel to contact me.

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53, male, Divorced

Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

I know that this site is used by many scammers, please know that I am a lieutenant of the anti drug police, I have many friends in InterPol around the world, and I have 6 computer and telecommunication engineering so is very easy for me to track you, Please scammers leave me aloneFor serious and real ladies:Hi, my name is Franklin and I live in Costa Rica, I am 47 years old and I am divorced, I have a 15 year old daughter.I live alone in my own house, I have 6 computer and communication engineering, and I work as narcotics police since 20 years ago.I like take trips in my motorcycle, read, the old rock music, the theater, watch tv and movies, draw, and I love make art pieces in my small art studioI like to be 100% honest, this is the basis of all relationship.I never lie, and I hope the other person is just as honest, there is not a single problem that can not be solved by talking.If you ask me something I always respond with the truth, maybe my answer does not please you, but it will always be the truth.

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34, male, It's Complicated

Pasadena, United States

I’m Millz, a 33yr old, single father of 3 beautiful babies. I have my Master of Art in Mental Health Therapy and currently own a non-profit. Currently I reside in MD, however I’m looking to relocate to ATL in the near future. I enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer. Whether that’s going for a jog, fishing, taking a drive, or grilling with friends, just to name a few, I’m not picky. 😂 Really I'm a homebody, that enjoys the peace and tranquility of being able to joy in being alone. I’m not here looking for anyone specific, but I would like to meet new people.

Single Ukrainian Ladies - Ukrainian Dating

Dating Prospect almilima

Trostianytsia, Ukraine

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Poltava, Ukraine

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Lozuvatka, Ukraine

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Popasna, Ukraine

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Kirove, Ukraine

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Horlivka, Ukraine

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Kolodiazhne, Ukraine

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Blahodatne, Ukraine

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Lviv, Ukraine

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Dzerzhyns'k, Ukraine

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Salashka, Ukraine

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Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

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Burlacha Balka, Ukraine

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Stakhanov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect ben143

Kirove, Ukraine

Dating Prospect lisi4ka

Zarichchia, Ukraine


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