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40, female, Single

Bochum, Germany

Open-minded and intelligent lady who knows what she wants. I want a good life for my future family, without worries and stresses. When you come home you want to know that somebody is waiting for you, I can be that one. Do I want to be happy? Yes! So, I guess we look for the same thing, do not we.. If you read this, then probably you like me. Thank you, I am very pleased. Well, yes, I'm single. Life was such that in the past I was disappointed and did not find my true love, so I decided to start over again and find my beloved man abroad. Each person has a second chance, is not it? I'll be glad to our acquaintance, which we may joint forces to turn in the love of all our lives. Because in the words of the majestic wise man: journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. I want to take these steps to meet each other TOGETHER and over pass our lonely 1,000 miles twice faster as I have serious intentions. I am a simple, kind Ukrainian girl who recognizes the man as the head of the family. I'm not lazy, I can work and help my man, and keep our house or apartment clean and tidy. I'm not picky, even a simple attention to me, makes me happy. I want to give all my love for one man who could be called my man... I think it’s always better to meet person in reality and look into the eyes to know personality and character. This way one will know for sure. But my friends say that I am open and enthusiastic. I try to look at life with mind open and I am always ready for adventures and new things to explore. I love life and I think we should take opportunities that it gives us. My glass is always half full. I love to have fun and laugh. I do believe humor can heal souls.I am looking for my soul-mate, my special one, whom I can cherish forever. I believe in soul-mates, in the power of our first touch, and the perfect passion of our first kiss. I want to meet a man that when I look into his eyes, the world will stop for me. It will be as if all things disappear as his heartb

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32, male, Single

Wichita, United States

I'm a writer trying to make my way in journalism, but I'm a musician at heart. I primarily play guitar, but I play other instruments like bass, drums, a little bit of keys, and every now and again some singing. I love writing my own lyrics as well. I'm in a rock n' roll band, though I do my own solo stuff on the side.In terms of my musical tastes I LOVE me some classic rock and metal metal, but occasionally I dip into bits of blues, classical, jazz, and bits of newer alternative as well. If you want to know more specifics, you'll have to message me. :)Basically I'm looking for someone I can jive and connect with on a deep emotional and spiritual level. I'm not here to play any games or lead anyone on. That's not to say I mean to put any pressure on anyone from the get-go, but the goal is to hopefully find that special gal that I stay with forever, you know?If you do decide to message me, please send more than just a "Hello", "Hi", "Hey" or any form of quick one line messages. If we're going to possibly start dating we should actually have some interesting/engaging things to ask/say to one another. :)That said, if you're interested don't be shy. Drop me a line. :)

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51, male, Single

Agioi Anargyroi, Greece

I am . . .I'm tired of all the games,drama and pretenses. I am a professional, responsible, loving, caring candle-burning, romantic who just refuses to give up. Find me here in (united kingdom). Will consider relocating. (Out-off town replies welcome.) I enjoy spending time at home and working around the house playing. Going out to dinner or the dance club. I love movies, music, trivia, writing poetry, dancing, camping, acting silly, travelling to new places, and animals (especially dogs) My goal is external life and finishing the race well.My desire is having a godly partner,partnering together to accomplish God's purpose for our lives. Please love God,passionately!!! Further more I have been single for a couple of years,within this time,l learned that rushing God has no merit.Therefore,l have learnt to wait and enjoy waiting in God.Friendship is a good foundation for any relationship.If you are not willing to invest i friendship..well not interested in faulty foundations.I do not pretend to know what my partner would look like,may the Lord lead us. Perfect match? Want someone I can feel a good connection with mentally and obviously there must be a strong physical attraction. I am not looking for a series of one-night stands with different girls, rather for someone special who I could look forward to chatting to, and sharing thoughts and bits of my life with, and who I could meet from time to time. I like a woman who is interesting and intelligent, who respects men, who can converse on many topics and is good company. And she has to be pretty but not compustry to be a model - but hey that's a very subjective thing. Morals-wise, she should be open, as I am to an 'affair' type arrangement, and very discrete, as am not here to hurt any one only scammers should go away from me .. I am not looking to break up either my own or anyone else's marriage. Type of Relationship Friendship, Long Term Relationship, Romance & Fun, Casual, See how i

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28, male, Single

Bhagpur, Pakistan


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32, female, Divorced

Las Vegas, United States

I am a single mom of 3 daughters. I am currently going to school majoring in criminal justice monotony in law enforcement and concentration in juvenile justice. I have my own house. I work hard for everything I have. My kids are my world I hope that's not a problem. And if we decide to meet up there will be a background check just saying lol

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