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Dating Prospect jsnipe

Spasivka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect anastasia

Horlivka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect lisi4ka

Zarichchia, Ukraine

Dating Prospect kristina

Dzerzhyns'k, Ukraine

Dating Prospect liaz32

Ialta, Ukraine

Dating Prospect nastya

Dzerzhyns'k, Ukraine

Dating Prospect tylerderden

Blahodatne, Ukraine

Dating Prospect anya

Sevastopol, Ukraine

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27, male, In a Relationship

Ceyrat, France

Just wanna meet some new musicians to play with on a studio project.

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27, female, It's Complicated

Menzel Hached, Tunisia

I am a very melancholic person , I don't have any specific moods or habits , I just happen to act according to the moment , I am very spontaneous and I love adventure especially outdoors in the woods away from cities . I am open for new experiences and I would love to meet people that share these interests, I am very loyal in any type of relationship and I could go far with a person if it's the right one .

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61, male, Single

Goerding, Denmark

I have a very positive and optimistic outlook on life, for me, the glass is always half full! I've been described as humorous by my friends, and I certainly know how to tell a joke or two. I'm a fun-loving guy, and I hope that you're a fun-loving girl too! People say that I'm romantic, in my own way. Do you like watching a sunset over the ocean? Are you a lady who likes to swim in the ocean? Do you love the warm, tropical waters? I think a great date is a beautiful candlelight dinner with great food and great conversation. I have the spirit of an adventurer, I love to explore, meet new people, to do and see new things.

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34, male, Single

Bettola, Italy

Am not really sure what to right down here ..Am Fadi am 28 and i am very cute caring and loving am here trying to meet someone who shares with me some of my interests and willing to probably meet up at some point.

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39, male, Single

72420, etc., China

Hi, my name is Alex. I am here to find new friends. Now in China. Here in China I am a music teacher in middle school. Hope to meet someone, somewhere.

Meet Ukraine Girls - Ukrainian Dating

Dating Prospect anya

Novopskov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect roman80ua

Vitrove, Ukraine

Dating Prospect natalyamir

Budylivka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect walas

Stakhanov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect theprofessor

Novopskov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect mxevilll

Horlivka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect gorgeousv

Horlivka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect elena

Polova Slobidka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect pomik

Ialta, Ukraine

Dating Prospect lyuba

Zavyshen', Ukraine

Dating Prospect nata

Myrne, Ukraine

Dating Prospect lana

Novopskov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect den

Ialta, Ukraine

Dating Prospect margo29

Myrne, Ukraine

Dating Prospect pafa86

Salashka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect natasha

Dekabristiv, Ukraine


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