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42, female, Single

Kyawhla, Kuwait

I am a Muslim convert and an air hostess. I hope I finally find my better half on here. I am new to the whole concept of dating sites so I dont really know what to write on here. So if you come across my profile and would like to get to know me, message me, I will reply as soon as I can.

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38, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

I am loyal and sociable, I like people and enjoy talking to them. As a rule I can keep up to many topics, but what is most important I can keep up to my promise. If there is good relationship I can love and it makes me happy.A have a lot of interests and hobbies. My favorite hobby is to travel. I visited a great number of countries. And I am looking forward to seeing Italy. Actually, I am interested in learning new things in every sphere of life: books, movies, theatre, sport events, music news. I like to go dancing and spend my free time in the open air. It gives me a lot of energy and makes me younger. To be honest, I am a constantly developing personality. All over the years I have vital interest and love for life.

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41, male, Single

Madera, United States

I've been alone for years, struggled with heartarche, betrayal, now everyone is dead and I'm at my wits end. I am deeply loving and will do anything if only someone would give me a chance. All these websites are just profiling to gather information on us. I will tell you anything if you are genuinely interested in me.

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42, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

i am just someone who seeks for the simple things in Life,i am caring and understanding and loving and very romantic and i like having fun when i can and i love reading and singing and watching movie alot of movies and also Tivo is like my best friend so far and i am a freak for cartoons , i love cooking and cleaning and dancing and i love sports like playing basket ball,tennis and volley ball i love going to the beach and horse back riding and swimming.i love poems as well i am looking for a someone that would understand me ,be able to Love me and respect me ,someone thats drama free ..likes the little things in Life .knows how to Laugh ,how to have a good time ,someone who is romantic ,sweet ,has a good heart..someone that i would kiss in the middle of the night and would say to me i love you ,someone that i would share my pains with and heart.He holds me when I start to cry..makes me smile with just his eyes.. shares my hopes, dreams, and fears. wipes away all my tears. I love him without regret. I just haven't found him yet.someone that would mean this much To me waking up and he’s on my mind. you’re in love.You see him and can’t help but smile.Think of him for miles and miles.Weak in the knees when he comes through.You know his eyes see right through you.You don’t care what people say.You want to be with him all day.Seeing him you can’t get enough.And you can see that you’re in love. I once had a heart and it was true but now it's gone from me to you so take care of it as I have done because now you have two and I have none. my heart is what i am looking for.i am Looking the special one man i can cater To .take care of .Love for Life forever .Someone i would love without doubts ,someone that i would be able to wake up with in the morning and dedicate each passing day we wake up together To ,someone i can admire ,someone that would aspire me to be better.Some that would be up for the challenges of a Life Time together with ..Some that would assure me that w

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33, female, Single

Cameron, United States

I am new to this and most of the guys I read from on the dating site are not what I want "you sound nice" .More about me I am single never married i am 28 years old,from Kentucky ,and recently live there..I find very much peace and tranquility there .I am a final year student of Computer Science and also assist my friend who's into the Sales of jewelries,beads,gold etc...I`m 5`8" 173 with a slim build,mentally stable, physically fit,a bunch of laughs,warm,caring,honest,good listening,God Fearing and a positive person.I am real easy person to talk to and a good listener.I love to play chess and I enjoy chilling with my friend/family,I like going to the movies , or watching movies in my room,I like swimming , fishing, listening to music and dance to any kind of music, traveling , going bowling and also a good cook.I am a family oriented person and There is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself..

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