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Dating Prospect mary

Sevastopol, Ukraine

Dating Prospect anjey

Blahodatne, Ukraine

Dating Prospect xermond

Boryslav, Ukraine

Dating Prospect igorm

Lozuvatka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect mary

Sevastopol, Ukraine

Dating Prospect alyona17

Karaina, Ukraine

Dating Prospect dmitriy

Kolodiazhne, Ukraine

Dating Prospect aename

Lozuvatka, Ukraine

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35, male, Married

Jan M. Merheto, Pakistan


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40, female, Single

North Miami Beach, United States

I'm a loving female with a sparkling personality. God, faith, and family are very important to me.I love the Lord with all my being and put Him first in my life.I have finally reached the place, spiritually, mentallly and emotionally where I want to be and that is to focus on my Savior, Jesus and let Him direct my path in life. Now that I can finally come to the point of surrendering and letting God lead me, I feel a joy and peace that surpasses all understanding.I think serious dating should lead to marriage and I'm not looking to play any games or be strung along. I Strive to be the description of the Virtuous woman in the proverbs.I am positive, open, communicative, honest and sincere person.I enjoy spending time in prayer and reading the Bible. I believe that my relationship with God has made me a better woman. A gentler and kinder woman more tender hearted.I'm very devoted to everything and faithful to everybody I love. I'm not perfect of course. I am youthful in spirit and in looks and I truly have a positive attitude about life; the glass is always at least half full! Surprising people is my second nature, so do not be amazed if in the morning you will be awakened by a pleasant smell of breakfast or coffee in your bed, I am fond of reading and consider books a source of wisdom! I love my job, Spending time in the open air and nature, beach and mountains are my passion, but my interests also depends on mood and situation, I can easy dress nice and go to the restaurant, but also to make an exotic dinner at home.. I like to take trips and seeing new places, I enjoy swimming, water makes me feel weightless and inspired.

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42, male, Married

San Diego, United States

I like men of color to be honest crazy about black men, but men of all color are fine with me. Love a confident and dominant man that is a take control of the situation type. Love to laugh and giggle don't mind cuddling and making out either. Am shy at first but get me turned on and well just to be honest I'll give myself to you in every way imaginable. I am not happy with my marriage I have tried being straight and it's just not me I love men to much and want a man to give myself to...often. If you're interested then let's talk and see what we can hit off.

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41, male, Single

Chortut, United States

Hi , how are you ?I am persian boy ، Electronic boards Quality Control ManagerI'm a Looking for a girl from the Middle Eastern for Marriage , Serious Relationshipi live in Wisconsin , MilwaukeeAge: 34 Height : 170cm Weight: 65kg Education: Bachelors Degree in Food IndustrySkills: a degree in culinary hotel and Chocolate processing , hairdresserssmoke never , drinking never , drugs neverI love nature , I like the cheerful colors , I hate liesI'm Muslim , I'm open mindedVery important to my familyThe woman is sacred to meLoyalty is very important to me,Thanks

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62, male, Divorced

Stephenville, Canada

Physical beauty may get my initial attention.But not for long.Good looks and appeal will fade over time,but a heart full of love and compassion can last forever.One big goal in our life is to find our other half whereever they are the world, and then we will both be complete.I am an easy going sincere considerate affectionate patient multi talented successful optimistic quiet nice-guy, folk and classical/spanish guitarist as well as a bit of violin and piano, rides unicycle, builds houses, computers, aircraft, people and businesses. I enjoy sky & scuba diving, flying ultralight, snow & water skiing, though it has been a long time.As well as the manager position at the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation, I mentor people serious about becoming financially free, operate Arden Avenue Bed & Breakfast, and Arctic Executive Limousine.My two sons were my joy, especially our mornings together. Teaching the golden rule, a positive attitude, chess, guitar, violin and piano, camping, ice fishing, coaching soccer, leading them in scouting, and just being their Dad for them has been wonderful. But now my eldest is on his own and unfortunately my youngest died last year.Now that I am free from my first marriage mistake, I wish to make the better choice that will last forever. I believe it is possible and I only wish to love only one woman and share with her all life's happiness and troubles.

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Dating Prospect diana19777

Stakhanov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect elina

Novopskov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect bigjoe

Pamiatnyk, Ukraine

Dating Prospect zhanna

Kyiv, Kyiv, Kyiv, misto, Ukraine

Dating Prospect olya

Demydivka, Ukraine

Dating Prospect serhiy

Chervonyi Podil, Ukraine

Dating Prospect ihor

Pryvilne, Ukraine

Dating Prospect raj

Stakhanov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect netly

Novopskov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect vik

Novopskov, Ukraine

Dating Prospect julie

Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovsk oblast, Dnipropetrovsk misto, Ukraine

Dating Prospect angelina

Krolevets', Ukraine

Dating Prospect den

Ialta, Ukraine

Dating Prospect yana

Kiliia, Ukraine

Dating Prospect kassandra7

Sevastopol, Ukraine

Dating Prospect lover32

Krolevets', Ukraine


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